ULI WNY Presents: Eastman Business Park Shifts Into Hyperdrive

Eastman Business Park, formerly Kodak Park, is the site for Kodak Research Laboratories, Kodak Specialty Chemicals, Kodak Solvent Recovery, Kodak Coating and Assembly Services and Kodak Film manufacturing. The Kodak Motion Picture film used to shoot most Oscar nominees for Best Picture is made here, along with photographic films, medical imaging films and films used to manufacture printed circuit boards, which continue to be produced at the site. Founded in 1890 by George Eastman, and often described as a “city within a city”, Eastman Business Park spans 1,200 acres and has over 16 million square feet under roof. In 2008, the Park opened as a multi-tenant site, allowing a wide range of enterprises to use its tremendous assets. Today, over 100 companies operate at Eastman Business Park, sharing resources like utilities, fire and security services, cooperative manufacturing equipment and expertise, conference and recreational facilities, and much more. The Park has entered a new era of vibrancy, with the reopening of Kodak Center as a theater and conference center, and the establishment of a Master Plan detailing a vision for the Park’s future development, including the addition of a Workforce Development Center and many new companies. This panel discussion will present a unique look at an American industrial legend- its history and its vision for the future.

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Planning for Floodplain Resiliency

Attend an inter-disciplinary roundtable co-hosted by the Upstate New York Chapter of the American Planning Association and the New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association to learn about how stormwater and floodplain managers can work with planners to integrate hazard mitigation into planning efforts and share experiences with managing floodplain development, post-disaster recovery, and building resilient infrastructure.

David Kruse, AICP, PTP

Jayme Breschard Thomann, AICP, CFM
Scott Copey, Town of Greece
Aileen Maguire Meyer, PE, AICP, ENV SP
Tom Robinson, RLA LEEP AP

Monday, April 23, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Rochester Riverside Hotel
120 East Main Street
Rochester NY 14604

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Upcoming Webcasts

October 13 – Private Practice Division – Marketing Anxiety: Bragging with Aplomb – Speakers: Dan Berler, Michael Altman, Gwen Wright, Anne McBride, moderated by Deana Rhodeside

If you work in the private sector, whether as a sole practitioner or in a larger firm, you know that marketing is a fact of life.  And, from a public sector perspective, you know that certain marketing approaches are impressive while others are sometimes, frankly, off-putting.  While excellent past performance is perhaps the strongest marketing tool, how do planners effectively reach out to new clients and convince them that they would be the perfect choice for a project?  How do you effectively communicate what do you do best?  One of the ways is through the establishment of a strong “brand” that speaks to what your firm does well and how this sets you apart from your competition.  Yet, determining a brand that is timely, attractive and accurately descriptive of your practice is a tall order --- one that may require the assistance of a branding specialist. Or, alternatively, are there ways to establish your brand on your own?   This session will explore several different views about marketing, both from the perspective of a marketing consultant, a branding consultant and several private and public sector practitioners who have been exposed to a variety of marketing techniques over the course of their careers.  Come and share your views of marketing techniques that work and don’t work for you in this interactive session focused on a very challenging part of private sector planning practice.  

October 20 – Transportation Planning Division – Land Use, Mobility and Technology in Urban America – Speaker: Gabe Klein

Cities at different stages of development all grapple with managing the traditional challenges of housing, transportation, infrastructure financing, and environmental sustainability. These complexities are further compounded by rapidly changing modes of operation, new and disruptive technologies and changing expectations and demands from citizens and business. What innovations are taking place in cities these days, and how can government, business and non-profit leaders utilize this wave of change to shape a quality of life that is improved and not compromised? How can they work together vs. at cross purposes? Gabe will discuss the larger macro trends in society, address process innovation and governance, and talk about how city leaders are re-organizing their urban systems to be synergistic vs. at odds with one another and the cities goals. High return public-private partnerships, active transportation, and enhanced public space projects all play a role in the ideal city of the future.

October 27 – Economic Development Division – Nurturing your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – Speakers: John Provo and Sarah Lyon-Hill

Through a grant from the Kauffman Foundation, Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development researched entrepreneurial ecosystems and the resource needs of different types of entrepreneurs, such as innovation-driven “gazelle” enterprises, lifestyle businesses, and second-stage companies. Measures and metrics that help describe the ecosystem but also reflect these different entrepreneurial types were examined within a rural context. The goal was twofold: to understand which metrics are feasible to collect for smaller regions, and to facilitate benchmarking across numerous regions. We will present findings from this study and then ask panel participants to share their own stories and reflect on the findings within the context of their own ecosystems. Questions to explore include: How have participants’ respective regions examined their own ecosystems and what measures/metrics have they found most useful to collect? How can we think more inclusively as we endeavor to strengthen our entrepreneurial ecosystems? What steps have/might we take? What role should planners and economic developers play in encouraging entrepreneurship and business growth?

Click on the title links to register.  You can see the current listing of all webcasts at www.ohioplanning.org/planningwebcast.  

CM credits can be claimed by looking up the sponsoring Chapter or Division as provider

Title: Building Child and Age Friendly Communities – Lessons from Rome…for New York

You’re invited to this special program on Building Child and Age Friendly Communities coming up next Friday 9/22 being co-sponsored by the Cornell Department of City and Regional Planning, Engaged Cornell, Cornell Cooperative Extension, CaRDI, and Southern Tier Section of the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Date: September 22, 2017

Location: Milstein Hall on the Cornell University Campus.  12:00 - 5:00 with poster reception in Milstein Dome. Additional schedule details, including the afternoon workshop from 2:30 to 4:30 exploring links to NY State are below. Professional planners in the region are welcome to attend any portion of the program. AICP CM credits to be made available.

Presenters: Students from the Rome Workshop and Sullivan County Engaged Cornell Projects

What makes a city child and age friendly? Students in the Cornell in Rome program focused on four peripheral neighborhoods in the Eternal City, Rome, Italy, to try and find our answer. Rome revealed surprising insights into what makes a place hospitable for children and the elderly. First is the physical layer: transportation, land use planning, housing, services and public space. Next is the social layer: community groups, market associations, libraries, schools, senior centers and residents. We find that while the physical layer is important, the social layer can ameliorate or exacerbate deficiencies in physical planning. Insights from Rome offer cautions and hope to community planners in the US where physical design is often inadequate.  

The Rome workshop student panel from 12:20 -2:00 will be followed by a poster session and reception in Milstein Dome from 2:00 -2:30. An afternoon workshop will explore the links to New York State from 2:30-4:30. This will include Prof Mildred Warner presenting results of national surveys and students presenting research in Sullivan County, New York, followed by a panel of New York experts and a discussion with planners and community leaders from around New York State. The event will conclude with a dinner/reception from 4:30-6:00.

Event Cosponsors: Engaged Cornell, Cornell Cooperative Extension, CaRDI, Southern Tier Section of the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association


Professor Mildred Warner, Cornell University  www.mildredwarner.org

Confirmed Panelists:

Todd M. Fabozzi, Director of Sustainability, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Colleen Monaghan, Executive Director Cornell Cooperative Extension, Sullivan County, NY

Esther Greenhouse, Built Environment Strategist, Ithaca, NY

Sue Dale Hall, Executive Director, Child Development Council, Ithaca, NY

Lorraine Maxwell, Professor, Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University

William Armbruster, Senior Advisor, AAPR Livable Communities, Community, State and National Affairs

Sept 22 Event_building child and age friendly communities.jpeg

Save the Date: 2017 Fall Conference

Please join your fellow NYU Chapter members for the 2017 Conference on October 12th and 13th in Syracuse! 

Thursday, October 12th:          Participate in the evening CM session, network and socialize with your peers, and spend the night in Syracuse.  Hotel reservations for the conference may be made by calling the Marriott Syracuse Downtown at (315)474-2424.  A block of rooms will be available until September 13th at $152.00 for a single king bed.  Check out photos of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown by clicking on the following link:  http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/syrmc-marriott-syracuse-downtown/

Friday, October 13th:                 The day’s events will be hosted at the beautifully restored Marriott Syracuse Downtown formerly known as the Hotel Syracuse.  Breakfast will be followed by two concurrent tracks of sessions.  Lunch will incorporate the annual business meeting and awards ceremony.   There will be one session after lunch with a tour to close out the day.

Please submit session ideas and proposals to kevans@town-victor-ny.us.  We want to offer you training on topics that interest you so please pass along your ideas!  The Chapter Board and CNY Section leadership are working diligently to finalize details so registration can open.  Please watch your e-mail for details!

NY Upstate APA Co-Sponsoring New York State’s First Bike Summit

Planners are invited to attend September 15th event, AICP CM Credits Available

On Friday, September 15, 2017, from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm, the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) will host the New York State Bike Summit at the Hearst Center in Albany. The first annual NY State Bike Summit is being organized by the New York Bicycle Coalition as an effort to bring together professionals across multiple sectors who play a role in making New York a more bike and walk-friendly state. The New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association is pleased to support NYBC in making the summit a success.

Government officials, engineers, planners, advocacy leaders, bicycle clubs, and educators will gather to present, network and strategize for the transformation of New York into a leader in safe active transportation.

“In putting together the wide ranging content for this event – workshops, plenaries and roundtable discussions – it is clear there is tremendous interest in the New York Bike Summit, which frankly is long overdue,” says NYBC Executive Director, Paul Winkeller. “We are eager to draw from the experience of Summit attendees as we craft a strategy for creating opportunities for more, and much safer, bicycling in New York State.”

Topics will include bike share; advocacy; bike equity; Vision Zero; education and safety; public health; ecotourism and green transportation; data and technology; trails; mountain biking, electric bikes; mass transit; bridges, and funding. A full schedule of the day’s speakers and events can be found online at: https://newyorkbicyclingcoalition2017.sched.com/

Because of the New York Upstate APA’s co-sponsorship of the summit, APA members will receive an exclusive $10 discount off of the $110 registration fee, bringing the cost down to $100 for APA Members. AICP CM credits will be available for most sessions. Register online at: https://newyorkbicyclingcoalition2017.sched.com/tickets. The online discount code for APA members is: APAMember.

"The truly exciting thing about this event is the range of panelists we're able to bring in who are working to advance the bike movement and have something important to share. From the person who works with their disabled friend to help them stay on a bike, all the way up to high ranking government officials overseeing the $200 million Empire State Trail project, everyone has something to contribute to the bike movement.” says Kyle Hatch, Summit Coordinator. “By bringing all these people together, we're celebrating that there are people from all walks of life who love to bike and want to see New York become a better state for biking and active transportation. This summit is the embodiment of that spirit."

Find the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1353583761399092/


We need your ideas!  Member feedback requested for Fall Chapter Conference.

The Chapter Board is working in conjunction with the Central NY Section on the fall conference scheduled October 12th & 13th, 2017 in Syracuse.  We are looking to our membership to submit session proposal ideas or desired session topics to Katie Evans at kevans@town-victor-ny.us as soon as possible or by Wednesday, August 9th. 
This is a different format than a typical fall conference and the annual Planners Day events at SUNY ESF.  Thursday is intended to start late afternoon/early evening.  Plans are close to being confirmed but we are looking at a possible movie screening, panel discussion (CM credit), and social activities to follow.  The idea is to offer a fun event Thursday evening, spend the night in Syracuse, network with your peers, and start sessions early Friday morning.  Friday’s events will be held at the beautiful historic Marriott Syracuse Downtown (formerly known as Hotel Syracuse).  Friday’s schedule will include breakfast the Chapter’s annual business meeting and awards ceremony during lunch.  Tentatively you could secure up to six CM credits on Friday not counting Thursday’s activities.  We would really like to provide sessions of interest to you so your feedback is greatly appreciated.  If we can secure enough speakers there will be two tracks running concurrently in the morning, totaling eight sessions.
The Chapter Board and CNY Section is working to keep registration at a very reasonable price.  Final details will be announced soon along with a link for registration.  Hotel reservations for the conference may be made by calling the Marriott Syracuse Downtown at 315-474-2424.  A block of rooms will be available until September 13th at $152.00 for a single king bed.  Check out photos of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown by clicking on the following link:  http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/syrmc-marriott-syracuse-downtown/
WHAT     2017 Fall Chapter Conference
WHEN  Thursday October 12th & Friday October 13th, 2017
WHERE   Syracuse!

We look forward to hearing from you!

DEADLINE PASSED: 16th Annual Meeting of the New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association

This is a reminder that the registration deadline for the 16th Annual Meeting of the New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association, June 12 - 14 in Binghamton, NY, is next Tuesday, June 5.  You may register online at nyfloods.org.  The full brochure may be viewed at 2017 Annual Meeting Brochure and Registration.  You can register online on the website or by mail.  If you plan to register by mail, please scan and email the registration page to billnechamen@gmail.com and include information about your method of payment such as check in mail, check at door, credit card online, or send a voucher.  We will not be able to accept credit cards at the door. 

Please note that the bus tour on Tuesday afternoon is completely full at this time.  However you may still register for the workshops and plenary session.

Each full day or half day workshop has been accredited for engineering continuing education credits.  NYS Code Official credits are available for "The NFIP, An Overview," "Elevation Certificates," and "Disaster Preparedness for Building Code/Floodplain Officials."  All sessions will receive continuing education credits for Certified Floodplain Managers.  Finally, we are anticipating receiving continuing education credits for all sessions for planners.
The Wednesday short presentations will not receive engineering or code credit.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Nechamen by email or call him at 518-402-8146.  The NYS Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff, so please be patient if we are unable to respond immediately.

DEADLINE PASSED: 2017 MAPD Annual Conference

June 15-16, 2017
Crowne Plaza Pittsfield-Berkshires
One West Street, Pittsfield, MA

We're headed west for the 2017 Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors Annual Conference! We will host this year's conference in Pittsfield at the Crowne Plaza. The Conference Committee has shaken up the programming this year! In addition to a keynote address from the Mayor of Pittsfield, Linda Tyer, we have not two but THREE concurrent sessions in four time blocks, a tour and reception at the Colonial Theater, and three plenary sessions. Please check out the MAPD website for more details.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, we invited New York State planners in the Capital District to join us for this conference. We look forward to networking with our New York counterparts!

We had an incredible response to the call for session proposals this year and are excited to include the following topics:

  • Recovering Planners - Planning Directors moving into Town/City Management roles
  • Municipal Perspectives on Complete Streets
  • Broadband access and economic development
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Assessing Impacts of Residential Development
  • Greening Your Community 
  • and MORE! 

Check out the DRAFT 2017 MAPD Conference Program for more information. Conference Registration is open until June 7th, so act now to reserve your spot at this not-to-be-missed conference!

And....Don't Forget to Book your Hotel by May 14th!

MAPD reserved a block of rooms on Wednesday, June 14th and Thursday, June 15th at the Conference site, Crowne Plaza Pittsfield. The rate is $109 a night. To reserve your room, please call 413-499-2000Rooms must be reserved by May 14, 2017 to receive this rate.

DEADLINE PASSED: Hudson Valley Summit coming June 2-3 to Poughkeepsie, register now!

Please join us at our regional conference in Downtown Poughkeepsie.  Participate in sessions focusing on the Mid-Hudson Valley, Downtown Revitalization, Adaptation to Climate Change, Retrofitting Suburbs, Tactical Urbanism, Urban Agriculture, and more!
The event begins Friday with late afternoon site tours followed by a welcome event and reception at CANVAS at Artists Palate, Poughkeepsie.  The Saturday program will be held at Changepoint Church, Poughkeepsie.

The cost of this two day event is $75.  AICP Credits will be available.

Register Here


Here is the flyer advertising the 2017 NYSAMPO Conference that will be held June 20-21 in Syracuse at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown,  100 East Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY 13202. The DRAFT schedule is linked for planning purposes. 

Follow this link for more information and to register: http://nysmpos.org/wordpress/?page_id=2186   

Please be sure to book your room(s) when you register for the conference to get the special conference rate on the reserved room block. In addition, SMTC (on behalf of NYSAMPO) has committed to booking a defined number of rooms with the Marriott Syracuse Downtown and that target must be met by May 30th.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dana R. Crisino, AICP, as they have many opportunities available.






The Resiliency Summit: October 7th and 8th, 2016

The Resiliency Summit: October 7th and 8th, 2016

The Resiliency Summit brings together government and community stakeholders around the topic of flooding and sustainability in an urban floodplain. Summit attendees will learn from leaders in the field about flood response and recovery and disaster emergency preparedness.

Read More

Measuring Sustainability Outcomes: Easier Said than Done?

Northeast APA Sustainability Network/Planners Webcast Series Webinar – Friday, September 23, 1:00pm-2:30pm ET

Hosted by: APA’s Planners Webcast Series, the Upstate NY APA Chapter, and the Northeast APA Regional Sustainability Network.

As communities look to measure sustainability in a world of proliferating indicators and rating systems, planners find that some metrics are easier to measure – and manage – than others. Dive deeper into the topic of sustainability metrics with speakers from Audubon International, STAR Communities, New York State, and SUNY Binghamton, who will share real world examples and recommendations for measuring sustainability. Taking a few categories of sustainability indicators to focus the discussion, the panel will provide an in-depth look at how to collect and use these measures, and will highlight metrics and measures needing further inquiry and improvement.

Joanna Nadeau, AICP
George Homsy, Ph.D., AICP
Jim Yienger
Wayne Felden, FAICP
Kim Lundgren, ENV SP

Upcoming Webcasts

Upcoming Webcasts – all at 1 p.m. ET:

July 15 – Sustainable Communities Division – Regenerative Urbanism Rising: Next-Generation PracticeSpeakers: Scott Edmondson, AICP; Joshua Foss; and Charles Kelley, AIA

This webcast characterizes the current sustainability challenge as a necessary pivot from ad-hoc greening and net negative mitigation to net positive, regenerative urban planning across multiple scales. These new places will form a fundamental, operational part of a new ecological (sustainable) economy, which further underlines their importance. This pivot is already “in play” through innovation occurring across the planning, design, and build professions. Two practice cases will illustrate this pivot. Participants will gain the understanding and resources needed to begin exploring the potential and advance the innovation and practice of next-generation regenerative urban planning in their own cities. The first case is the innovative, turnkey, revenue-generating, integrated utility system (IUS) which is one method of implementing the Restorative City Standard (RCS). The RCS is a whole systems framework used to formulate strategies to achieve city goals that go beyond ad-hoc or net zero sustainability—that would achieve the systems performance imperatives of restorative, net positive, urban sustainability. This approach illustrates the higher value arising from a whole systems approach to engineering and urban planning. This breakthrough innovation will be described further with a study prepared for San Francisco’s Central SoMa Area Plan and EcoDistrict. The second case is that of planning and designing high-performance places across multiple scales, from the building, to the district, to the city and region. This case will illustrate a “toolkit” of old, new, and emerging concepts and practices. The presentation will illustrate how a range of the familiar components of good urbanism and the ecological city, including green infrastructure, can be integrated in an approach that creates higher economic value and placemaking quality that could not be realized otherwise, and that is cost neutral and therefore financially feasible. The toolkit will be illustrated with EcoDistrict projects in Portland (OR), the U.S., and Japan.

July 22 – County Planning Division – Regulating Electronic Message Centers Speakers: Mike Freeborg and James Carpentier

On-premise digital signs have demonstrated a proven ability to increase results for those that utilize them for commercial and community-oriented purposes. However, many communities are relatively unfamiliar with this rapidly evolving technology, and have concerns that these kinds of signs will create aesthetic, safety and enforcement problems for their communities. Nearly all stakeholders struggling with digital signs and their regulation often have the same questions, such as: >What really are these digital signs and how do they work? > How is electronic technology evolving? > Is there any way for the community-at-large to actually benefit from them? > How can we strike a balance between allowing businesses to use digital signs without creating aesthetic concerns? > How do we allow them without looking like Las Vegas, or negatively impacting community safety? > How do we regulate them in ways that are understandable and enforceable, without having to hire additional staff? 

Click on the title links to register.  You can see the current listing of all webcasts at www.ohioplanning.org/planningwebcast

 CM credits can be claimed by looking up the sponsoring Chapter or Division as provider

Distance Education – these webcast recordings are approved for CM credit for viewing throughout 2016:

To locate this event for CM credit, click here or search by the provider, APA Northern New England Chapter

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Note that the DE CM credits have a different event number than the original live webcast, so the event number in the recording will not work for DE credit.  Use these event numbers above to log your DE CM credits.