Upcoming CM opportunities:

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Planning Webcast Series (http://www.ohioplanning.org/aws/APAOH/pt/sp/planning-webcast-series) – These are FREE for all APA Members

Date: 05.17
Title: Planning for and in the Federal Government: A New Perspective
Sponsor: National Capital Area Chapter
CM #: 9176623

Date: 06.21
Title: Unplugged: The Paradigm of Aging-Friendly Communities
Sponsor: Private Practice Division
CM #: Pending

Date: 07.12
Title: Creating Safe Environments: Integrating Planning, Design and Physical Security
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Chapter
CM #: 9175658

Date: 07.19
Title: Incorporating Arts in Urban and Site Design
Sponsor: Urban Design & Preservation Division
CM #: 9175659