RFP: Comprehensive Plan, Village of Ossining

The Village of Ossining (“Village”) is interested in retaining a highly creative and qualified professional planning consultant team to update our current Comprehensive Plan. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is intended to help the Village select a qualified and experienced consultant to prepare a Comprehensive Plan Update of its 2009 Comprehensive Plan, a complete evaluation of existing zoning and potential update with Form Based Code and/or overlays, and guide the Village through the environmental review process for each as required by the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act.

Of primary importance is the creation of a plan that builds on the existing strengths and lays out a streamlined pathway for economic growth and development while also addressing community needs, environmental sustainability and the preservation of Ossining’s socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity. This will require innovative and creative solutions that will promote community wellbeing by:

  • Driving inclusive economic development and increase tax base

  • Enabling the construction of multifamily housing in places where there already is a prevailing pattern of multi-family housing supporting transit oriented development and walkability

  • Addressing parking, transportation and mobility

  • Preserving and developing quality, affordable housing options in conjunction with market rate development

For more information, see the Attached Document