Job Opening: Program Coordinator, Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority

The Program Coordinator is an entry-level position that provides support for the development and implementation of existing and new programs, policies and initiatives for Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority (“Metroplex”), including the administration of the Capital Region Land Bank (the “Land Bank”). The Program Coordinator will report directly to Metroplex’s Project Director who oversees the management of the Land Bank. The Program Coordinator will assist the Project Director with the following responsibilities and functions:

  • Research, develop, and implement best practices to reuse vacant property and spur neighborhood development in the Land Bank’s service district. This includes reviewing existing community plans, participating in neighborhood planning efforts, and working with municipal staff.

  • Coordinate grant compliance reporting to meet various deadlines and requirements.

  • Organize Land Bank property databases and other digital and hard copy records, including those

    shared on the Land Bank’s website.

  • Provide oversight and coordination on development projects to ensure that projects align with

    policies, rules and regulations of the Land Bank. This includes traveling to project sites to

    document development progress.

  • Attend meetings and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders including local municipal

    government officials, economic development agencies, neighborhood organizations, non-profits, and other groups to create opportunities for revitalization of Land Bank properties and neighborhoods.

  • Other duties as assigned.

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