RFQ: Zoning Rewrite and Digitization, City of Bridgeport, CT

The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut is searching for a Consultant team to extensively and comprehensively rewrite and digitize its Zoning Code.  This comprehensive Zoning Code rewrite will carry on the fundamental themes of our soon to be completed comprehensive plan, Plan Bridgeport: plan SMART and plan BOLD.  Not only will there be substantial public input and discussion as the new code is crafted, but the end-product will be a simple, clear, concise, easily searchable, easily maintained, digital Zoning Code which is tied to the existing GIS viewer.   

The selected Consultant team will work directly with the Planning Department, and a Steering Committee will guide the overall effort.

The express intent of the rewrite is to have a regulatory document which is:

  • Simple –limited number of steps needed to research the zoning sections impacting a parcel

  • Clear – minimal references between and amongst sections and tables

  • Concise – succinct text, supported by graphics, sketches and photos

  • Easily Searchable – more than an enhanced pdf, the back end will be structured to use keywords, phrases, and boolean operators; highlight all places where the search term matches; and rank the most likely choice based on the search term.  

  • Easily Maintained – It is preferred to have one location to perform future amendment updates.

  • Digital – entire code is displayed online and tied to existing GIS viewer; applicable section(s) of code are hyperlinked to each parcel using a static URL; ability to navigate the code through a table of contents and navigate within the code; no end user software download needed; match the branding of the City website. 

For more information, see the Attached Document