RFQ: Town Center Public Park Plan, Town of Clifton Park

The Clifton Park community is keenly interested in gathering public consensus and developing a conceptual land use plan for 37± acres within the Town Center near Exit 9. 

The land has been acquired by the Town of Clifton for municipal uses, expansion of the Town’s park and recreational network, furtherance of the Town’s Open Space and Town Center Plans as well as to provide a recreational and cultural area for residents and public entities. The public plan will create a comprehensive, shared community vision for the property; identify and address issues and concerns, prioritize near term and long-term improvements, identify opportunities for collaboration and identify strategies to ensure that the property is safe and accessible for all visitors.

This space will complement and add value to the largest commercial center in Town, which is evolving through the implementation of the Town Center Plan and Town Center Form Based Code Zoning. This parcel is anticipated to be a recreational asset and green haven that is woven into the fabric of the Town Center Vision for urban vibrancy and mixed-use activities within the Exit 9 and Route 146 Corridor.

For more information, see the Attached Document.