Sealed proposals subject to the conditions contained herein, will be received by the Oneida County Department of Planning until 3:00 p.m., local time on August 31, 2018:

Oneida County Planning/ Herkimer-Oneida Counties Transportation Study (HOCTS) is seeking a qualified transit and transportation consultant, with substantial experience for the purpose of completing a system-wide analysis for transit-based transportation connections to multiple transportation modes throughout Oneida County and neighboring counties. The purpose of the System-Wide Analysis for Transit Based Transportation Connections (SWA for TBTC) study is focused on the re-organization of the Oneida County Rural Transit (OCRT) System for the purposes of building system efficiency, providing a higher level of service, increasing ridership, and obtaining a greater return on investment of public transit dollars in Oneida County.  This includes but is not limited to identifying modal gaps in the Oneida County transportation network, analyzing actual user needs, planning service to meet needs, developing comprehensive transit service in rural and urban areas, identifying opportunities for transit to support economic development, and increasing multi-modal connectivity and efficiency. OCRT operates with grant funding through the FTA Section 5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas program.  Oneida County has urban transit service in the cities of Utica and Rome operated by Centro, a CNYRTA company, an FTA Section 5307 Urban Area Formula transit funding program direct funding recipient, which will be reviewed under the scope of this study. Transit, for the purpose of the SWA for TBTC study, means a collaborative, planned, realistic, viable, and sustainable system promoting the movement of people to access food, education, medical, and community activities. The intent of the SWA for TBTC is through system-wide analysis to encourage economic development and enhance the quality of life, by identifying, developing, and strengthening transit opportunities’ and resources in rural and urban Oneida County.  The expected budget for the SWA for TBTC is not to exceed $275,000; which will be contracted in a single contract but may have multiple phases. One six-month extension may be provided for completion of scope however, the project budget will not be increased under this contract.

Oneida County Planning/ Herkimer-Oneida Counties Transportation Study (HOCTS) reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and right not to award the bid.

Copies of the described RFP  may be examined or picked up at no expense at the Oneida County Department of Planning, Boehlert Center at Union Station, 321 Main Street, 3rd floor, Utica, NY 13501 or can be downloaded at: