RFP: Zoning Code Update, The City of Geneva

The City of Geneva seeks proposals from qualified consultants and firms to complete a major update to the City’s zoning code (Chapter 350: Zoning: https://ecode360.com/10598047). Proposals due electronically on January 10th.

View full details for the request for proposals here: http://cityofgenevany.com/wp-content/uploads/City_of_Geneva_Zoning_RFP.pdf

The existing code, primarily adopted in 1968, is a typical Euclidian code. The updated code would reflect the vision, values, principles, priorities and recommendations of the City of Geneva’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan (http://cityofgenevany.com/comprehensive-plan__trashed/).  Specific recommendations and review of current zoning code can be found in Part 1, pages 40-41 and in Part 2, pages 24-32.

Overarching Goals for the Project 

  • Streamline the code for ease of use;

  • Provide an impactful community engagement process;

  • Allow for greater flexibility and density for residential and mixed use infill development;

  • Blend characteristics of traditional zoning with form-based features in key areas;

  • Strengthen the ability to implement the Downtown’s Traditional Urban Design District guidelines in development projects; and

  • Be thorough in the procedures for adopting an updated zoning code, while moving the project along in a timely manner.