RFP: CONEA Neighborhood Master Plan

CONEA is seeking proposals for a consultant to conduct a neighborhood assessment, and to prepare a CONEA Neighborhood Master Plan (“Plan”) for the revitalization of the CONEA neighborhood.  The CONEA Neighborhood Plan will be used to: 

  • Ensure that all activities and interests are consistent with the Plan’s vision for the neighborhood

  • Guide funding decisions for development and other investment activities in CONEA

  • Identify short-term and long-term goals, and establish milestones

  • Guide revitalization efforts in CONEA 

Steering Committee’s Desired Outcomes:

  • Initiate housing programs

  • Advocate and advise the City of Rochester about concerns of the Upper Falls community

  • Collaborate with other City and County organizations to bring needed services to the community

  • Seek out corporate and public funding to support families and individuals in the community

  • Engage in various implementation activities, in the interim and long-term, to enhance the quality of life for the community

  • Create and foster a sustainable economic base for the community

  • Stabilize financial future for the organization CONEA

For more information, see the Attached Document