Job Opening: New York Department of State, Great Lakes Coastal Community Economic Development Specialist

The Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) is a New York State public benefit corporation established for the purpose of receiving and administering gifts, grants and other funds to advance a variety of parks, recreation, land and water conservation initiatives throughout New York State. The New York State Department of State (DOS) oversees compliance with the State Coastal Management Program (CMP) and New York State Ocean and Great Lakes Ecosystem Conservation Act. The selected candidate for this position will be an employee of the NHT with work conducted under the supervision of DOS. The Ocean and Great Lakes Technical Specialist will serve as a “circuit rider” providing outreach to Great Lakes local governments and communities, and is responsible for the following:

  • Conducting community scoping and surveys with a focus on: assessing local government and community capacity-building needs; assessing local government economic decision making that promotes or inhibits sustainable and resilient coastal development; assessing resilience of the local economy; and valuation of coastal natural resources and ecosystem services.

  • Working with local governments to develop appropriate coastal land use strategies, including a suite of options and best practices for alternative land use conversions and economic redevelopment strategies for non-resilient and vulnerable shoreline sites prone to frequent flood inundation (e.g., transfer of development rights, alternative property uses and relocation to alternative sites).

  • Fostering local small business development with partial focus on sustainable natural resources (e.g., aquaculture, coastal forestry products, urban farming, green infrastructure, ecological restoration to enhance ecosystem services and sustainable energy microgeneration.)

  • Working with local governments to develop local financing models for improved coastal development approaches, e.g., implementing green infrastructure to enhance ecosystem services, climate change adaptation and resilience, and local small business job creation.

  • Facilitating regional community and governance networking by developing and supporting local and regional networks for communicating, collaborating, planning, learning, and sharing best practices and insights.

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