The 2014 NY Upstate APA Chapter Conference took place in Rochester, NY on September 17th, 18th, and 19th. The following attachments are the presentations from each session.

Session 1AThe State of Upstate Cities: Fiscal Crisis and Economic Development Response

Speakers: Mildred Warner, Katelin Olson, Clint McManus, & Delmonize Smith

Session 1B: Beyond Public Participation: Creating Citizen Advocates through Community Learning and Engagement

Speakers: Bart J. Roberts & Darren P. Cotton

Session 2AForm-Based Codes, Livable Cities and GHG Emissions Reductions

Speakers: C.J. Randall, David J. West, & George R. Frantz

Session 2BHow to Understand and Interpret Pro Forma Financial Analysis: A Planner’s Perspective

Speakers: Michael N'dolo & Kimberly Baptiste

Session 3ANeighborhood Business Development

Speakers: Edward Flynn, Carly Battin, & Tanya Zwahlen

Session 3B: New Approaches to Public Involvement Using Online Tools

Speaker: Frank Hebbert

Session 3C: Ethical Considerations for Planning and Zoning Boards

Speaker: Charles W. Malcomb

Session 4A: Leveraging Resources to Get Projects Done

Speakers: Kimberly Baptiste, Michael Zimmerman, Chuck Bell, & Matt Andrews

Session 4B: Cleaner Greener Communities Program Regional Sustainability Plans: Statewide Perspectives on Successful Planning and Implementation

Speakers: David Zorn, Angel Vincent, & Steven Wilson

Session 4C: Mobility Initiatives for an Aging Population

Speakers: Bill Armbruster, Richard Perrin, Bill McDonald, & Julie Allen Aldrich

Session 5A: What's All This Noise

Speakers: Paul Congdon & Mike Flanigan

Session 5B: Bridges and Infrastructure Planning: What Planners Should Know

Speaker: Ernest Sternberg

Session 5C: The Art of Communication: Is it Nurture or Nature?

-No powerpoint presentation,  given verbally.

Speaker: Richard Morales

Session 6A: Lessons Learned: Practical Applications for Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Speakers: Suzanna Randall, Joy Keubler, and Tana Bigelow

Session 6B: Brewing Economic Development

Speakers: Edward Flynn, Willard Brooks, Ted Hawley, Tim Herzog, Matthew Kahn, & Jeff Ware

Session 6C: Innovations in Urban Transportation - New Models for Integrated Mobility in Upstate NY

Speakers: Elizabeth Murphy, Justin Booth, Jamie Hamann-Burney, Jennifer Dotson, & Creighton Randall

Session 7A: Assessing the Vulnerability of our Transportation Infrastructure in the face of Natural and Human-Made Disasters

Speakers: Howard M. Coppari, Fred Frank, & Joe Bovenzi

Session 7B: SEQR: New Regulation and Case Law Review

Speakers: Mark Tayrien, Kathy Spencer, & Jerry Goldman

Session 7C: Reconciling Grassroots Efforts & Municipal Policy in Food Systems Planning: The Role of Food Policy Councils

Speakers: Laura Fox, Samina Raja, Sean Mulligan, Jim Manning, & Debra Richardson

Session 8: Stirring Blood: A Discussion on Planning, Communications, and the Media

- No presentation,  panel discussion.

Speakers: Rachel Barnhart, Evan Dawson, Howard Decker, Tom Proietti, & Brian Sharp