Water Resilient Cities: Climate Change, Infrastructure, Economies, and Governance in the Great Lakes Basin

The Levin College of Urban Affairs is hosting a conference this coming April 2016 focused on cities, water and climate change in the Great Lakes basin. Our framework is water resilience, and we convene this conference to create an opportunity for conversations across academic and professional organizations, and among those working in:· Drinking water · Wastewater · Storm water · Water technology industries, and · Governance of urban water resources.

We are very excited to be hosting a USEPA workshop on water and climate readiness on the two days preceding the conference. You will find a link to their program in the announcement.

The Levin College has a long history conducting research and educating public managers on the most pressing problems facing cities, and the conference is part of our current effort to draw attention to water issues in legacy cities.

Please be sure to check our web site over the next few months for updates. We hope that you will join us next April in Cleveland, which is now ranked as a hot spot for tourism, dining and entertainment.