Transportation Planner opportunity for RTS (Regional Transit Service)

  Job Summary:

The Transportation Planner is responsible for evaluating bus stop characteristics to determine bus stop installation, relocation, and removal, analyzing ridership and service to coordinate bus stop actions, and managing all activities of the bus stop system as they apply to everyday issues, route analysis, and service planning and adjustments. 

Essential Functions:

  • Manage bus stop placement.
  • Manage bus stop and shelter inventory.
  • Coordinate bus stop actions of the bus stop team.
  • Perform field checks of bus stops, shelters, and project locations.
  • Respond to customer requests.
  • Track data for and report Department Performance Indicators.
  • Analyze ridership.
  • Geocoding.
  • GIS Mapping.

For more information, refer to the Attached Document.

To apply, contact Andrea Fornari, Manager of Recruitment at RTS: