Mount Vernon East BOA

The City of Mount Vernon seeks a consultant to complete a Nomination study for an approximately 29-acre area characterized with 9 potential Brownfield sites that are located in the heart of City’s Downtown which includes the Westchester County’s third busiest bus terminal and the Mount Vernon East Train Station. This BOA project builds upon the city's recent draft update to the Comprehensive Plan. During the Comprehensive Plan process the Downtown area was identified as holding significant economic potential to expand existing businesses and industries and/or to create new uses given its size, proximity to transportation networks and the availability of commercial/office buildings/space for sale or lease. The area is also characterized by having the most available publicly owned underutilized land within the City. The primary revitalization objectives include: identifying and analyzing economic indicators for key redevelopment opportunities; determining the appropriate mix of commercial and office space the area can support; identify historic/architectural preservation strategies to conserve property values as it relates to sites that warrant such; evaluate the highest and best use of underutilized publicly owned land; revitalizing any brownfields within the area; coordinate any business/industry expansion, attraction and retention strategies; improve mobility; upgrading the area’s existing infrastructure and increasing the City’s tax base and employment. The emphasizes shall be to determine appropriate zoning for mix used development that includes appropriate parking ratios, urban and transit oriented street design, deliveries in inconspicuous areas, unimpeded mobility, historic and architectural preservation while maximizing commercial and office space.  

The Nomination will result in an in-depth and thorough description and analysis of existing conditions, opportunities, and reuse of potential properties located in the Brownfield Opportunity Area with an emphasis on attracting and creating commercial enterprise that are catalysts for revitalization. The deadline is no later 4pm on July 25, 2018. For the complete RFP, please see the City of Mount Vernon's website: .