RFQ: Tri-Park Cooperative Housing Corporation Master Plan

Tri Park Cooperative Housing Corporation (Tri-Park) owns and operates three mobile home parks in Brattleboro, Vermont (Mountain Home Park, Glen Park and Black Mountain Park. Formed in 1989, Tri-Park was the first resident-owned mobile home park cooperative in Vermont. Like many mobile home parks in Vermont, Tri-Park properties include many Mobile Home Units (MHUs) in the regulated floodway and floodplain. Flood-related risks to life and personal property for Tri-Park have been recognized for a long time. This project fulfills a commitment of Town of Brattleboro and Tri-Park to undertake a planning process to address these well-known risks. 

Both Mountain Home and Glen Park sustained serious damage in TS Irene. Glen Park lost eleven homes during the event and slightly more have been removed from Mountain Home due to the severity of the damage sustained and ongoing issues such as mold contamination. These two parks remain vulnerable to flood damage, with a large number of homes continuing to be at risk. This plan will seek to map out a resilient future for Tri-Park as an organization and community. 

Tri-Park has 323 home sites, Mountain Home Park (the biggest mobile home park in Vermont) has 271, Glen Park has 23 and Black Mountain 29 sites. The resident population of Mountain Home Park represents approximately five percent of Brattleboro’s population. Although accurate data is not available on the socio-economic status of Tri-Park households, it is commonly accepted that Tri-Park represents a significant portion of Brattleboro’s affordable housing stock (as defined by state and federal agencies). 

Tri-Park is sustained by lot rent paid by resident shareholders. The water and sewer system at Mountain Home is part of the Town’s public utility network. This was a major upgrade completed in 2011. Tri-Park residents pay a special assessment on bonds (backed by the Town of Brattleboro) taken out to build the system expansion. The continued viability of Tri-Park as a business entity is critical to the Town of Brattleboro for the retirement of this infrastructure debt. The organization carries other debts derived from the purchase of the park and its continued operation. 

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