Senior Community Housing Planner, City of Rochester, NY


  • Identifies local housing needs and generates housing proposals through formal and informal contacts with housing agencies, neighborhood groups, and other organizations and through analysis of various housing and population data;
  • Prepares financial packages for housing developments, based on such factors as public housing finance programs, local lending practices, and financial analysis of proposed projects;
  • Determines whether public subsidies are necessary and available in order to induce private development;
  • Secures technical information and resource materials needed to assist in the development of housing programs and projects from a variety of public and private agencies and organizations;
  • Prepares grant proposals for various housing related programs and projects, as well as supporting documentation;
  • Develops and proposes housing policies and plans, based on the analyses of data from a variety of housing research projects and other sources;
  • Promotes housing and real estate programs and projects;
  • Acts as a liaison between the housing division and not-for-profit agencies, private developers, City offices and other participating organizations during program planning and implementation: Undertakes discussions of proposals with appropriate agency to refine finance package;
  • Offers advice to clients on project feasibility and alternatives;
  • Manages the implementation of physical development proposals involving other city divisions, including acquisition of private or publicly owned land and/or buildings, rehabilitation and/or leasehold improvements, demolition, condemnation, relocation of families or business, plan and review design, new construction, zoning, and public improvements;
  • Responds orally and in writing to requests for program and housing information;
  • Reviews and evaluates requests for proposals for professional services and/or development;
  • Assesses need for, designs, and implements research projects;
  • Monitors housing programs and services administered under contract to ensure conformance with budget guidelines and the regulations and requirements of Federal and other funding sources;
  • Explains programs, funding regulations, projects, and other complex information in formal and informal presentations;
  • Writes a variety of reports and summaries, both complex and simple, in tabular and narrative form. 

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