Citywide Arts and Culture Master Plan - City of Mount Vernon, NY

The City of Mount Vernon’s Urban Renewal Agency (the “Agency” or “URA”) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants with experience in cultural planning to develop a Citywide Arts and Cultural Master Plan (the “Master Plan”).  

The goal of the Arts and Culture Master Plan is to create a common vision for the role that arts and culture should play in the City of Mount Vernon (the “City”), as well as to ascertain what aspects of that vision can guide policy and programming to enhance the quality of life for Mount Vernon residents, businesses and visitors. The Master Plan will include implementable initiatives to enhance the City’s existing arts and cultural infrastructure by analyzing existing data and national trends, catalogue assets and developing a public participation plan.

A community-wide multilingual public participation program is an essential component to creating a widely accepted Arts and Culture Master Plan.  Specifically, the Master Plan will reflect the community’s desire to utilize arts and culture to enhance the sense of community; enhance economic vitality that is linked to arts and culture; create and support an environment where arts and culture thrive and enrich the community culturally, aesthetically, educationally, and economically.

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