DEADLINE PASSED: RFP: City of Dunkirk’s Comprehensive Plan

The City of Dunkirk (“City”) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants with expertise in land use planning, transportation, environmental assessment, and economic feasibility to assist in the evaluation, update, and completion of the City of Dunkirk’s Comprehensive Plan (Plan). The City has not updated their “Master Plan” since 1976. The City of Dunkirk has gone through immense changes since the 1970s and is in dire need of an updated plan that will reflect the future vision of the entire City. The City will engage the community in a participatory process to build consensus around a vision for the development and redevelopment of the City. By assessing the City’s needs and the community’s goals, the City will be able to prioritize how it invests in its physical infrastructure and create a sense of place where people will want to live, work, and play. The selected consultant will undertake completion of the Comprehensive Plan Update by: 

 Encouraging and Creating Community Participation and Input 

 Inventory and Analysis of Existing Conditions 

 Reviewing Existing Plans 

 Meeting with Community Leaders and Stakeholders 

 Visioning for the Future 

 Looking at Potential Growth and Redevelopment Opportunities 

 Conceptualizing Site Plans 

 Portraying Recommendations in a Clear and Easy to Understand Format 

The Plan will be adopted by the City Council in order to provide direction to City officials, staff, residents and the development community to implement the City’s vision. 

For more information, see the Attached Document.