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Special webinar on community sustainability!  This is not part of our regular series, but we’re happy to help promote this joint venture by the Sustainable Communities Division and the Massachusetts Chapter - 

· Wednesday, August 23 at 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. ET – Measuring the Benefits of Trees: The Green Streets Lawrence Health Impact Assessment

In 2016, Massachusetts planners and members of the American Planning Association’s Sustainable Communities Division partnered with Groundwork Lawrence on a volunteer service project to measure the health benefits of a tree planting initiative that was part of a Green Streets Program. To promote the program and achieve the goal of planting 2,400 trees, APA-SCD worked collaboratively with Groundwork Lawrence and residents in Lawrence to conduct a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to analyze the potential health benefits of street tree planting in the City. Speakers will provide an overview of the Green Streets Program HIA process, and a summary of findings, recommendations, and the resources that were developed by the APA-SCD team to achieve the Green Streets Program goals.

Presenters:  Angela Vincent, AICP; Neil Angus, AICP CEP, LEED AP BD+C & ND; Brad Buschur, Groundwork Lawrence

And now back to our regularly-scheduled programs…

2017 Planning Webcast Series

Upcoming Webcasts – all are at 1 p.m. ET and are approved for 1.5 AICP CM credits:

· August 4 – South Carolina Chapter – Trees: The Original Green Infrastructure- and How Urban Tree Canopy can be incorporated into Stormwater Management Programs, Goals and Ordinances – Speakers: Frances Waite, Karen Firehock, and Katie McKain

Communities everywhere are recognizing a greater value in how trees serve their areas well beyond beautification.  This webinar will focus on trees as green infrastructure and will briefly take the viewer through the many benefits of urban tree canopy and how small investments in planning for, planting and maintaining trees can lead to impactful rewards.  A majority of the webinar will then explore a few different green infrastructure planning case studies in South Carolina and Virginia.  The case studies will range from projects already complete and well into successful implementation plans and adopting new codes, all the way to a project currently in process that is also grappling with sea level rise.  

· August 11 – Transportation Planning Division – A New Tool for Tracking Home and Rental Values in TODs across the United States: Renne-Greschner TOD Index – Speaker: John Renne 

Theory, research and practice suggest that rental rates and home values in TOD locations have historically experienced greater capital appreciation during periods of economic growth and less downside depreciation during recessionary periods of the market cycle. Until now, homebuyers, real estate investors, asset managers, developers, planners and economic development professionals have experienced difficulty accessing a comprehensive database in a simple, standardized methodology to benchmark month-to-month changes in home values and rental rates in TOD locations. The Renne-Greschner TOD Index solves this problem by offering the ability to view trends in TODs at the national, regional and station-area levels.

·  August 18 – Massachusetts Chapter – Zoning Reform in Massachusetts - Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going? – Speakers: Steve Sadwick, Arthur Bernard, Kristina Johnson, Michael Vivaldi

Over the past 20 years, planners have been actively working to reform Massachusetts' zoning laws. Last year, we came very close through a Senate bill. This year there are two versions of zoning reform bills in the Senate and House. The APA-MA Chapter and Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors have teamed up to deliver a webinar that explores the following questions: what is in these the House and Senate bills and which one do we support? How does bills impact communities? How can planners take an active role in fighting for zoning reform? Our speakers include seasoned planners working in the field and experienced with the past several years of zoning reform bills, and an attorney with Travaglini, Eisenberg & Kiley. We will wrap up with questions and answers.

· August 25 – County Planning Division – Finding Common Ground When Regulating Electronic Message Centers – Speakers: James Carpentier and Mike Freeborg

On-premise digital signs have demonstrated a proven ability to increase results for those that utilize them for commercial and community-oriented purposes. However, many communities are relatively unfamiliar with this rapidly evolving technology, and have concerns that these kinds of signs will create aesthetic, safety and enforcement problems for their communities. Nearly all stakeholders struggling with digital signs and their regulation often have the same questions, such as: • What really are these digital signs and how do they work? • How is electronic technology evolving? • Is there any way for the community-at-large to actually benefit from them? • How can we strike a balance between allowing businesses to use digital signs without creating aesthetic concerns? • How do we allow them without looking like Las Vegas, or negatively impacting community safety? • How do we regulate them in ways that are understandable and enforceable, without having to hire additional staff? Moderated by James Carpentier, AICP, and presented by Mike Freeborg, principal at Freeborg LLC, the presentation provides practical, solution-focused guidance that can set the foundation for regulations that allow for the opportunity to leverage this technology while protecting community aesthetic values and safety concerns. 

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Distance Education – These 2016 webcasts are available for viewing throughout 2017 for CM Distance Education credits:

· Fair Housing: Serious Responsibility, Serious Liability – LAW.  Event #9120416

· Planning Ethics – Dealing with Problem Boards and Board Members – ETHICS.  Event #9119060