FEMA is Seeking Planning Specialist

FEMA is seeking talented, experienced men and women for the role of Planning Specialist within Planning cadre of the Reservist program. FEMA Reservists are disaster workforce employees who work on an on-call basis to support survivors of all-hazard incidents. 

As a Planning Specialist you will:

· Gather, prepare and maintain designated inputs for the Documentation Unit, Situation Unit Resource Unit, or Support Unit or any combination of. Assembling Incident Action Plans (IAP) inputs in appropriate IAP sequence and format; reviewing the IAP prior to Planning Meeting; modifying and distributing the IAP as directed.

· Prepare draft plans as directed (strategic plan, COOP, contingency plan, advanced operations plan, crisis action plans, transition plans, demobilization plans.)

· Gather Strategic Staffing Projection input from incident organization elements and staffing pattern data from Automated Deployment Database.

· Assist other incident organization elements to develop contingency, transition, and other plans as directed by the Planning Support Unit Leader.

· Participate in the development of the Information Collection Plan; collecting information as directed using the disaster specific information plan.

In the role of the Planning Specialist, in the Reservist program, you will receive training, have the opportunity to travel and receive health benefits, (when activated to support disaster operations), and build your professional network.

If you are interested in a rewarding, intermittent work opportunity to assist disaster survivors, then apply today! Join our team and use your talent to support Americans in their time of greatest need.

TO APPLY submit your resume to Fema-Careers@fema.dhs.gov and include “Planning Specialist” in the subject line.