DEADLINE PASSED RFP: Town of Perry Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Perry is seeking a consultant to substantively replace its 1969 Master Plan that was last amended in 1986. The purpose of the project is to complete a revised comprehensive plan that will guide future growth and land development activity in a healthy, attractive, economically and environmentally sound fashion. 

The comprehensive planning process proposed by the consultant shall (at a minimum) answer the following four basic questions: 

1. “Where Are We Now?” - In answering this question, the consultant shall work with already acquired information gathered by the Comprehensive Planning Committee to review a Community Inventory and Profile that includes descriptive information of resources, related planning efforts and documents, and a discussion of community values. 

2. “Where Are We Going?” - This portion of the process shall include Trend Statements and analysis of probable or possible development scenarios, demographic trends, infrastructure needs, etc. 

3. “Where Do We Want to Be?” - In answering this question, the consultant shall rely heavily on citizen participation and shall develop a community vision in the form of a Vision Statement or multiple statements.

4. “How Do We Get There?” - The development of the Comprehensive Plan is the essence of the answer to this question. An Action Plan shall be developed to include specific goals, objectives, strategies and actions necessary to accomplish the community’s vision. The plan shall also set priorities and provide a general analysis of the cost and implications of such actions on taxpayers, businesses, and the local government. 

For more information, see the Attached Document.