DEADLINE PASSED: Build Out and Capacity Study for the Town of Bradford

The build-out and capacity study will look at different development scenarios that can be developed based on the town’s water and sewer capacity, existing zoning bylaws, other municipal systems and traffic capacity in conjunction with the town’s existing settlement pattern.

 This will provide the town with empirical data that will enable thoughtful long term planning that will support the economic sustainability of the town in conjunction with the state’s and town’s goal of maintaining existing compact settlement patterns.

Bradford as a community cannot truly flourish unless both the Lower Plain Commercial area and the Downtown become vibrant and prosperous areas.  One of the biggest challenges that Bradford faces is integrating the economic activities in the downtown and the lower plain so that they support and reinforce each other. 

This project will enable the Planning Commission to foster development within the designated Village Center while allowing for good planning practice which discourages sprawl while still supporting the natural growth and changing needs of a town in the 21st century.  This project will help to identify natural limits to growth and generate the data needed to make informed infrastructure capital planning.

RFQ Due on:  June 12, 2017

For more information, see the Attached Document