(DEADLINE PASSED) Community Development & Planning Intern, NYS Tug Hill Commission

The NYS Tug Hill Commission is a small, non-regulatory state agency charged with “helping local governments and citizens shape the future of the Tug Hill region.”  The Tug Hill region includes 41 towns and 19 villages in portions of Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida and Oswego counties.  

The commission provides technical assistance to local governments, economic development organizations, and other local groups in land use planning, community development, and natural resource management.  The commission also provides skill development and information for local officials through workshops and issue papers on various topics.  The commission utilizes a model “circuit rider” program to serve the region’s five Councils of Government that, in effect, provide shared staff for most of the region’s towns and villages.  A geographic information system (GIS) program at the commission’s Watertown office provides support to and cuts costs for local governments, and increase town and village mapping and planning capacity through the use of GIS and emerging technologies.

INTERNSHIP POSITION TITLE: Community Development & Planning Intern

INTERN POSITION DESCRIPTION:  The intern will report to the Director of Planning and work alongside the commission’s Planning, Community Development and/or Natural Resource staff, depending on emerging needs, to support the following initiatives: 

  1. Research, analysis and summary report project to update socio-economic demographic, municipal financial, and other quality-of-life indicators in one of the Region’s five councils of government (COG’s), the Cooperative Tug Hill Council (CTHC). CTHC consists of 16 towns within Tug Hill’s rural core. See map here: http://www.tughill.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Councils-of-Governments-2011.pdf. The intern’s task is to assist commission staff to update, restructure, and improve the existing report titled Tug Hill Resource Management Plan (2006), which can be found here: http://www.tughillcouncil.com/PDFs/ResourceManagementPlan2006Update.pdf. The report will be a supporting document for the forthcoming CTHC Comprehensive Management Plan update.
  2. Assist Tug Hill Commission staff in the preparation of reports on demographic, economic, land use and development trends in the Tug Hill region, similar to that described above, but for the remaining municipalities in the region.  The intern will use internet (U.S. Census, NYS Office of Real Property Services, NYS Comptroller’s Office, etc.) and other sources to retrieve data and software such as Microsoft Excel to process and analyze it. 
  3. As time allows, the intern may also assist in public participation and survey activities to gather input and assist Tug Hill staff in the preparation of plans, reports, and grant applications.


  • College student with good writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to think systemically and logically.
  • Ability to creatively solve problems.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Power Point, Excel, etc).
  • Driver’s License valid in New York State.
  • GIS experience is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Tug Hill region a plus.

INTERNSHIP SCHEDULE/PAY:   The intern will work 37.5 hours/week starting mid-May until mid-August.  Pay will be $10/hour.


  • General knowledge of community and economic dynamics of Upstate New York (particularly rural areas).
  • General knowledge of New York State local government: laws, structure, operations, planning procedures, grants and funding environment, etc.
  • Practical experience in working with local government officials and the general public in a public sector setting.
  • A concrete, complete, and demonstrable example of individual work product for use in resume/portfolio.

LOCATION OF ASSIGNMENT:  The intern will work out of the Tug Hill Commission’s office, located in the Watertown State Office Building (NYS Tug Hill Commission, Dulles State Office Building 6th Floor,

Watertown, NY 13601).  The intern will also complete field work as described in the position description above in one or more of our 60 Tug Hill municipalities located in parts of Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida or Oswego counties. Please visit www.tughill.org for more information.


Submit cover letter and resume to:

Phil Street
Director of Planning
NYS Tug Hill Commission
317 Washington Street
Watertown, NY1360