DEADLINE PASSED: RFQ: Valley Falls Old Thompson Mill Brownfield Assessment

DUE January 22, 2018, 4 PM 

DEADLINE FOR QUESTIONS – January 12, 2018 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Village of Valley Falls a $200,000 Brownfield Assessment Grant to support the reuse of the abandoned old Thompson Mill site into a park. This solicitation is being made under the USEPA’s Brownfields program for revitalization of sites where redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived contamination and is subject to the EPA Cooperative Agreement with the Village of Valley Falls. General site information, map and background can be found in the Work Plan in the Appendix. 

The Village is seeking one or more environmental consulting firms to complete assessment activities, provide project management services, and complete other activates as described in this RFQ. This is a Request for Qualifications only. Three or more of the most qualified firms will be asked to prepare full proposals for the scope of work 

The Village of Valley Falls reserves the right to use any and all ideas presented in the qualifications packet in response to the RFQ unless the proponent identifies such ideas a proprietary in the proposal. In no event will an objection be considered valid with respect to the use of such ideas that are not the proprietary information of the proponent and so designated in the proposal; which were known to the Village before the submission of such proposal, or properly become known to the Village thereafter through other sources or through acceptance of any proposal. 

Companies with demonstrated experience in the scope of work defined in the RFQ and with an interest in making their services available to the Village of Valley Falls are invited to responds to this RFQ. “Respondents” means the companies or individuals that submit proposals in response to this RFQ. The Respondent shall be financially solvent and each of its members if a joint venture, its employees, agents or sub-consultant of any tier shall be competent to perform the services required under this RFQ. 

For more information: see the Attached Document