(DEADLINE PASSED) Genesee County Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis

The Genesee County is interested in a Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis that will help housing providers, municipalities, Genesee County agencies and not-for-profit organizations to better understand existing housing market and the needs of residents. It will consider location of future housing opportunities in relation to Genesee County’s Smart Growth Development Areas and transportation connectivity to jobs and services. The study is intended to guide County and municipal housing policies and assist private and public housing providers to design projects that meet the housing needs of seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities and low- and moderate income households as well as the full spectrum of middle income (lower, middle, upper) households. This information will be used to update municipal comprehensive plans and help direct the development community to bring project proposals to the County that are appropriate to meet the demand.

Published Date: 01/13/2017       

Closing Date: 02/13/2017

Link: http://www.bidnetdirect.com/new-york/solicitations/open-bids/Genesee-County-Housing-Needs-Assessment-and-Market-Analysis/0000102865

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