Traffic Consultant, the City of Mount Vernon

The City of Mount Vernon Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals seek to retain a consultant to conduct, perform and analyze traffic and/or parking studies on behalf of the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals within the City of Mount Vernon, New York. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is intended to help the Boards select a qualified and experienced consultant in such matters.

The proposer shall provide a project management team experienced in conducting traffic and parking studies, determining appropriate locations to collect traffic and/or parking data while analyzing and staying abreast of current trends, best practices, case law, federal, state and local policies, regulations, restrictions and codes.

All proposals shall be predicated on a period of performance commencing upon award of the contract to the selected consultant. The term of the contract period will be for a two (2) year period at which time the Planning Board may choose to renew the contract.

Formore information see the Attached Document