RFP: Amtrak train station relocation in Amsterdam, New York

Through the support of the New York State Department of State, under the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), the City of Amsterdam, working in conjunction with the Montgomery County Business Development Center (MCBDC) intends to engage appropriately qualified consulting teams to assist in the formulation of plans to relocate the Amtrak passenger station from its existing location at the periphery of the city to a more convenient and central downtown location where the building will serve a multi-modal purpose.  Presently, the station is an under-sized and unimpressive structure on West Main Street and lies well within the floodplain. In fact, the building was severely damaged by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, with over five feet of water inundating the station.  

Construction of a new rail terminal in the downtown area will not only address issues of the current building’s inadequacy and the threat posed by future flooding, it presents the community of Amsterdam with an extraordinary opportunity to integrate the location and function of a new multi-modal facility as a key catalyst for downtown revitalization.  A fundamental objective of this engagement is to establish the predicate framework — in terms of basic feasibility, location, design, anticipated costs, integration within the local circulation system and relationship to nearby downtown buildings/functions--  for the submission of a successful application under the US DOT TIGER grant program and other pertinent funding sources to construct a new and expanded rail station in downtown Amsterdam.

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